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EASE, the association for Entrepreneurs, Agents and Self-Employed professionals partners with ‘best in class’ solution providers to help small business operators grow.

We’ve partnered with Teledoc, the global leader in telehealth services, to provide members with access to the Healthiest You unlimited virtual healthcare bundle.

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Save up to 85% on prescriptions!

– Prescriptions are sent directly to your local pharmacy as soon as doctor’s visit ends

– HealthiestYou’s prescription pricing engine helps find lowest priced prescriptions

– HealthiestYou’s negotiated pricing is usually much less than existing health plan’s out of pocket copays

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No, HealthiestYou is not an insurance product and it does not meet the minimum requirements for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. HealthiestYou provides high-quality healthcare services that can be offered to any employee, health insurance is not required.

Yes, spouses and kids have access to the HealthiestYou services. Please note that Behavioral Health Care and Back Care are only available to members 18 years old and over but other services are included for children of all ages and included in your one monthly fee.

Healthiest You can refer you to a local doctor when you need to see someone in person and this would be paid for out of pocket by you. 

HelathiestYou doctors are board-certified internists, family doctors, psychiatrists, dermatologists and pediatricians licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. When you request a visit, it will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state or province.

All of our physicians can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for common, non-emergency health issues by phone or video.

Yes, however, any prescription of antibiotics must be accurate and professional. We understand the negative consequences that may result from over-prescribing and thus our doctors will only write prescriptions in instances where such medication is necessary. If prescribed, the antibiotic chosen will be based on best clinical practice for your diagnosis. Requests for specific antibiotics cannot be guaranteed.

When clinically appropriate, our providers can renew a 30-day supply of many prescriptions up to twice per calendar year. Certain medications are prohibited on our platform including, but not limited to, substances controlled by the DEA, experimental drugs, and medications for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, appetite suppression and Plan B. If calling for a refill, be sure to have the full details of the medication available at the time you speak to the doctor. (Having the pill bottles with you or uploading a picture will be most effective.)

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